Fasteners for Triumph

We offer various sets for Triumph motorcycles, (pre' 89), as well as for BSA, Norton and Enfield.
All sets include washers/spring-washers and nuts/nylocs where applicable.
We offer the following sets and kits from stock, but can also assemble sets according to your instructions.
Please fax or call to discuss your requirements.

T140 sets
 Engine covers, Stainless Socket-Cap (does not include points cover)
 Rocker covers, Stainless Socket-Cap
 Long Rockerbox, Stainless Socket-Cap
 Chrome Engine covers (incudes points cover)
 Rocker covers, Chrome
 Long Rockerbox, Chrome
 Long Rockerbox set, Zinc Hex. Bolt
 Crankcase 1/2´s, TOP only, Zinc Hex. Bolts
 Crankcase 1/2´s, TOP only, Stainless Socket-Cap
 Crankcase 1/2´s, TOP only, Chrome Socket-Cap
 Crankcase 1/2´s complete, Zinc Hex. Bolts, Nyloc nuts
 Outer Head bolts set, Zinc Hex. Bolts
 Outer Head bolts set, Stainless Socket-Cap

As BSF Socket-Cap screws in Stainless are virtually unobtainable, we offer Nickel-plated as an acceptable substitute.
These have a similar appearance to Stainless, and are reasonably priced.
Sizes for most early British bikes using BSF threads in Engine covers are stock items.
 Engine covers, '63-68 Nickel Socket-Cap
 Engine covers '63-68 Chrome Socket-Cap
 Rocker covers, Stainless Socket-Cap 650 models ´71 on
 Rocker covers, Chrome Socket-Cap 650 models ´71 on
 Long Rockerbox '63-68 (BSF). (Nickel Socket-Cap)

 Timing Cover (Stainless Socket-Cap)
 Primary Cover (alternator motor). (Stainless Socket-Cap)
 Primary Cover (dynamo motor). (Stainless Socket-Cap)
 Gearbox outer Pre-Unit, swing arm models, Alternator motor.(Stainless Socket-Cap)
 Long Rockerbox set (BSF), for PreUnit Iron head. (Nickel Socket-Cap)
 Gearbox outer Pre-Unit swing-arm models, Alternator motor. (Stainless Socket-Cap)

General sets
 Points cover (Stainless Socket-Cap)
 Points cover (Chrome Socket-Cap)
 AMALmk1 Carb kit (Stainless Socket-Cap)
 AMAL mk1 Carb kit (Chrome Socket-Cap)

T150 Trident
 Engine covers (Stainless Socket-Cap)

 Gearbox Norton / A M C, Nickel Socket Cap)
 Norton 850 mkII Engine Cases (Stainless Socket-Cap)

 A65 Engine covers ab ´69 (Stainless Socket-Cap)