Product Guide

If you need Inch-size Fasteners you've hit the right button!

We supply a broad selection of Stainless Steel and Zinc-plated fasteners which you probably need every day
for your workshop. Unplated and/or higher grades (e.g. 10.9 and 12.9) available to order.

Threads available from stock: Unified Fine [unF], Unified Coarse [unC].

Stainless Steel [A2]
 Large range of Socket ("Allen"®) Cap screws/bolts. Socket-: Button, Countersunk and Grubscrews:
   - Diameters from #6.32 unC to 1/2" from stock
   - Lengths from 1/4" [6.35mm]. Larger/smaller/longer/shorter, available to order
 Self-locking Nuts (Nyloc), Thin-Nylocs, Full-Nuts
 Hexagon Dome-Nuts
 Flat washers, Spring Washers (to fit Hexagon or Socket-Cap-heads)
 Selection of Hexagon Bolts and Screws from #10 [3/16" diameter]
 Machine screws selection: Slotted, Cross-head, Raised or Flat-headed Countersunk and Panhead
 Studding with diameters from 1/4" - 1/2", in 1 foot [30cm] and 3 foot [90cm] lengths

 Large range of grade 5 High-Tensile [8.8] Hexagon Bolts and Screws:
   - Diameters from 1/4" to 9/6" from stock
   - Lengths from 3/8" [9.5mm]. Larger/smaller/longer/shorter, available to order
 Socket ("Allen"®) Cap Screws/Bolts. Socket Button, Socket Countersunk
 Self-locking Nuts (Nyloc), Full-Nuts, Thin-Nuts, Thin-Nylocs. Diameters from 1/4" to 3/4" from stock
 Flat Washers with various diameters and/or thickness, Spring Washers and Serrated ("star") Washers
 Selection of studding in 1 foot [30cm] lengths

American sized fasteners for marine use.
 Stainless A4 and A2, Brass and Titanium
 Socket heads, hexagon heads, crossheads and slotted heads
 Nuts, Dome-nuts & self-securing Nuts
 Flat & spring washers
 unF & unC fasteners are in common use as marine fasteners

American sized fasteners for agricultural applications.
 Stainless, Zinc-plated, High Tensile (10.9 / 12.9), Nickel-plated and more
 Socket, hexagon head, cross-head and slotted heads
 Nuts, Dome-nuts & self-securing nuts
 Flat & spring washers
 Unified (unF & unC) fasteners are in common use within agricultural machinery

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